Wall Capping

Wall Capping

Comes with liner flashings, structured underlay, double vulcanised joints with cover strip.
Can be supplied with preformed internal/external corner sections, capping lengths with or without end caps.
The front face is typically a minimum of 70mm The total girth possible depends on the available metals in stock. Coil widths are often 600mm which defines the total available girth for the capping. Larger coils for larger capping may be available. Capping lengths are 2000mm, other lengths may be possible.

  • Available Metals:
    Wall capping is available primarily in 3 x GreenCoat PLX Pural BT options.
    Mountain Grey, Metallic Dark Silver & Nordic Night Black.
    Other metal options are available such as Coated Aluminium, NedZink, ZM Silesia & Aurubis Copper
  • Wall Capping Elements
    • Capping

      Wall Capping

    • Closed End

      Closed End

    • End Capping

      End Capping Joint

    • Open Capping

      Open Capping

    • Corner Joint

      Corner Joint

    • External Corners

      External Corners

    • Internal Corners

      Internal Corners

    • Capping Joint

      Capping Joint

    • Capping Liner

      Capping Liner

    • Structured Underlay

      Structured Underlay