Q & A

If you have any questions drop us an email.

Delivery costs vary depending on the size of the order & its location.
The cost is confirmed once the delivery address is provided and when the order details have been fully established.

Lead times for custom made products such as roof and wall panels and flashings vary depending on a number of factors such as;
How many other customers are already in the production queue. If the materials are available from stock or the lead time to restock if they are not.

Delivery includes protective packaging, delivery to site but not offloading.

The size of the vehicle used to deliver an order can be confirmed before delivery. If you have any concerns over access, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can check to make sure delivery is possible

The minimum roof pitch for fully supported metal roofing according to manufacturer recommendations is 3° A minimum pitch of 5° is recommended by the federation of traditional metal roofing contractors

Yes, the roof and wall panels Merlin Metals supply are all made in the UK unless otherwise stated.

Merlin Metals accept payment for orders via bank transfer only.