Our pricing is based on the linear metre rate for panels & flashings in a particular metal. Along with any additional related products such as clips, screws, underlay and the delivery cost, all prices are + VAT.

The prices showing below offer a budget price for STS Panels® per m2. This includes panels, clips, screws, underlay. The total cost including flashings and delivery can vary as every project is different. As a rough total budget cost £90.00 + VAT per m2
This total may be higher or lower depending on a number of factors such as, type of metal finish, complexity of the projects requirements, number of additional items required along with the amount of work involved processing the order information.

We do not have set trade rates, we review each order based on its own specific factors.
Discounts if available, are applied once all the order details have been fully established.

Frequently asked questions

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STS panels® & Reveal panels are available in lengths up to 12 metres long, TSS panels® can be delivered to site in standard lengths up to 12 metres long, for longer TSS Panels® on site roll forming can be used. Standard flashings are 2000mm long, longer flashings may be possible for some flashing types up to 4 metres long.

Any quoted price is valid on the day the quote is sent. All prices are subject to potential changes on a daily basis.

Merlin Metals can offer estimates from drawings. However to finalise any quote customers must provide materials schedules that clearly define the items required. Type/length/quantities along with any related drawings such as flashing drawings that show dimensions, angles and which side the finish side is.

Should Merlin Metals ever assist customers producing a materials list it is still the customers responsibility to check and adjust details where required before placing the order.

No, Merlin Metals are suppliers we do not take responsibility for what customers order. We help when we can but do not underwrite projects in any way.