After a quotation is provided metal samples are sent to confirm as correct.


Payment & Production

Proforma invoice issued, once paid the order is booked in to the production queque.



Items are checked and despatched in protective packaging to the address shown on the order.

Ordering Information

Proforma order details will match the last quotation given. Customers must check the items, details and quantities contained on any quotation/proforma invoice. Advising us of any required changes that need to be made prior to paying for the order.

After confirming the order details as correct either by email or by way of making payment for the amount shown. We will take this as confirmation that the order details are correct and you are happy for us to move the order into the production queue.

Fast Track

Providing a clear and concise list of the items required from the standard components which are available via the online order form below. Is the fastest way to receive a quotation, including a full break down of costs for free.

Drawings must be supplied for any custom items such as flashings & bespoke gutters, showing any dimensions/angles along with the colour side being indicated.

Lead Time & Deliveries

When placing an order an estimated lead time is provided. This being based on the current production queue that day.

Some circumstances outside the control of Merlin Metals may result in this lead time being shorter and occasionally longer. We will let you know as soon as we hear news from production or logistics regarding possible changes or delays.

Quotations From Drawings

In most cases we can provide a budget cost after we review any drawings you send. In this case, if you want the quotation to include a full break down of costs. We are happy to supply this for a fee of £250 + VAT.

This fee covers the time cost and effort to produce itemised quotations and is refundable should you choose to confirm the order details/items/quantities on the quotation and place an order with Merlin Metals.

Order Confirmation

Once we have received payment for an order, we send an email to acknowledge receipt of payment.

Within a couple of weeks from placing an order we aim to provide an estimated delivery date. You will be contacted closer to the actual delivery date to make sure someone is available to accept delivery and offload the order. If there are any restrictions getting to site please let us know as soon as possible.

Quotations & Ordering