To Summarise


After a quotation is provided metal samples are sent to confirm the correct finish.


Payment & Production

Proforma invoice issued, once paid the order is booked in to the production queque.



Items are checked and despatched in protective packaging to the address shown on the order.

Ordering Information

Customers must check the items, details and quantities contained on any quotation/proforma invoice. Advising us of any required changes that need to be made prior to paying for the order.

The way we process orders can be found in the pdf below, it outlines the options available.

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Providing Information

We require accurate information in order to provide quotations, please be as concise as possible when requesting a quotation.

Lead Time & Deliveries

When placing an order an estimated lead time is provided. This being based on the current production queue that day.

Order/Quote Form

The Order/Quote form allows for accurate lengths and quanitities or requesting a budget price by entering total m2 & linear metres of flashings. The price is confirmed once all the details of an order are known.

Order Confirmation

Once we have received payment for an order, we send an email to acknowledge receipt of payment.

The order is then booked into the production queque.

Delivery Information

Delivery includes protective packaging and delivery to site. Customers must off load any orders themselves either with a fork lift truck or with enough hands on site to offload safely without damage.

Other options and information can be found in the pdf below.

Download PDF
Access Order/Quote Form