Ordering From Merlin Metals

Our primary role is to efficiently process and deliver orders based on the clear and complete specifications provided by our customers. As material suppliers, we do not analyze architectural drawings, create detailed drawings, produce setting-out drawings, perform material take-offs, explain installation methods, or provide installer information. Any information we do provide to assist ordering is supplied in our company brochure/ai chat bot on our contact page. Our focus is solely on ensuring that orders are processed and fabricated accurately and delivered to the specified address.

See our Documentation Section For order forms & other information.


At Merlin Metals, our constant endeavor is to enhance the ordering process, simplifying what can often be a complex procedure. This page is designed to provide clarity on our business practices, outlining how we operate.

Lead Time & Deliveries

When placing an order an estimated lead time is provided. This being based on the current production queue that day

Delivery includes protective packaging and delivery to site. Customers must off load any orders themselves either with a fork lift truck or with enough hands on site to offload safely without damage & within an allotted time slot.

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If you are looking to place an order for any of the materials we supply, we are ready to provide a detailed quotation. Precise information is essential for this process.

We require comprehensive lists of panel lengths and their corresponding quantities for most orders, as well as accurate drawings and quantities for flashings. Accurate pricing depends entirely on the accuracy of the information you provide. We are not responsible for determining the details and materials required for your project; our role is to fulfill orders based on your specifications.


After confirming the lengths and quantities for specific panels, flashings, and other items, we provide a final quote, and if requested, a proforma invoice. Upon receiving payment for an order, we promptly acknowledge the transaction by sending an email confirming receipt of payment.

Following this, the order is swiftly booked into our production queue. This efficient process ensures that payments are acknowledged in a timely manner, and orders seamlessly transition into the production phase. This commitment underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that are not only accurate but also punctual. Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Ordering Assistance

If you need assistance in generating more accurate order information to price a project's needs, we offer ordering assistance. However, these services are no longer complimentary. Prioritisation will be given to customers who are clear about their needs, and a deposit will be required for any additional support requested, such as reviewing drawings, suggesting flashings, calculating quantities or compiling a detailed provisional estimate.
Please be aware that we do not review drawings or compile provisional order details without the receipt of a deposit.
This policy ensures that our efforts are reserved for committed inquiries, helping us maintain high standards of service and responsiveness.


To facilitate an accurate quotation, kindly provide us with precise materials schedules indicating the required lengths for panels and flashings. Additionally, please include any drawings that clearly depict dimensions and angles for project-specific elements, such as custom flashings or tapered panels.

With this detailed information, we will be able to generate a precise and comprehensive quotation that is ready for booking into the production queue.

Your commitment to supplying accurate project details ensures that our quotation aligns seamlessly with your requirements, expediting the process and contributing to a smooth production phase.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at any time.


For rates, it is crucial to provide as much information as possible to obtain lm rates based on our interpretation of the available data.

To finalise any price customers must either supply schedules that confirm the lengths and quantities for any flashings or panels required. Related roof plans if roof lights or other penetrations are required, drawings showing dimensions/angles/finish side of flashings.

Alternatively check and sign off on the provisional schedules we generate for review and revision. *A deposit is required before we create material schedules for review.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We are here to ensure a smooth and transparent process for your project.

Simple Roof Kits

Enquiry form for simple roof kits in STS Panels®. Double Pitch, Mono Pitch, Lean To.



Full PDF
& split into sections such as schedules.


Flashings Map

To help visualise, select and note the flashings requirements for a project.


Access Online Form

For customers that know the lengths & quantities required. Serves as a first step towards generating production ready quotations.


Quick Contact Form

Simple enquiry form to let us know more about your project requirements. We aim to respond within 48 hours, more often than not we respond within 24.


Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to your question.

Delivery costs vary depending on the size of the order & its location.
The cost is confirmed once the delivery address is provided and when the order details have been fully established.

Lead times for custom made products such as roof and wall panels and flashings vary depending on a number of factors such as;
How many other customers are already in the production queue. If the materials are available from stock or the lead time to restock if they are not.

Delivery includes protective packaging, delivery to site but not offloading.

The size of the vehicle used to deliver an order can be confirmed before delivery. If you have any concerns over access, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can check to make sure delivery is possible.

DThe minimum roof pitch for fully supported metal roofing according to manufacturer recommendations is 3° A minimum pitch of 5° is recommended by the federation of traditional metal roofing contractors.

Yes, the roof and wall panels Merlin Metals supply are all made in the UK unless otherwise stated.

Merlin Metals accept payment for orders via bank transfer only.