Topclip Capping


The Topclip system is a universal connector with double vulcanised seals used to join metal capping.

Suitable for all metal roofing materials, such as copper, zinc, stainless steel & aluminium.






Standard configuation of 1.2mm aluminium or 0.8mm stainless steel with elastomeric black rubber seals.





Topclip comes in standard lengths of 3000mm long x 150mm wide.
To be cut down to the required size.





Universal: The aluminium Topclip is suitable for all materials except copper, for which Topclip stainless steel is used.

Rain Proof: The two vulcanised 8mm seals, on both sides of the Topclip, huddle against the capping profile, building a safe barrier against the capillary penetration of water.

Cost Effective: The Topclip is easy to install, without any soldering or further sealing. Also expansion joints are not necessary as the open joint caters for lateral movement.





The Topclip is easy to fix with conventional metal roofing tools.

It can be formed on-site or n the workshop as required.

A stiffening welt is made at each end on the capping profiles.

A breathable metal seperating membrane is installed between the connectors.

This compensates for the height of the seals and to ventilate and protect the underside of the capping profile.




Topclip Capping System Install Guide



Fix the Topclip to the substrate on both edges with stainless steel annular ring nails or screws.





Install angle fixing strips between Topclip joints with stainless steel annular ring nails or screws.





 Lay the breathable metal separating membrane between the connectors, over the fixing strips.




tcf4Hook the capping profile onto the fixing strip on one side and lower into position.
Leave an open joint of 5mm-10mm over the centre of the Topclip joint.
Close the welt around the fixing strip on the opposite side.



tcf5For capping profiles consisting of colour coated or preweathered finishes, place a small 400mm-45mm wide strip of the same material in the centre of the Topclip joint.





tcf6Fix the Topclip joint to the substrate at the corner capping junctions and the retaining clips as shown, with stainless steel annular ring nails or screws.




Lay the breathable metal seperating membrane between the connectors, over the retaining angles.



Lower the corner profile into position, locating the retaining angles and losing the corner capping welt.




Close the welt at the internal angle of the corner profile.





Complete the installation of the adjacent capping.