Rainline2Rainwater Systems

Made from high-performance steel produced by the top European manufacturers. 

This high-performance steel ensures a lightweight, durable and long-lasting product, making it the gutter system of choice for both domestic and commercial use.



  • anthracite grey Anthracite Grey
  • anthracite metalic Anthracite Metallic
  • antique white Antique white
  • black Black


  • brown Brown
  • coffee brownCoffee Brown
  • copper metalic Copper Metallic
  • darkgreyDark Grey
  • darkred Dark Red
  • silver metalicSilver Metallic
  • tilered Tile Red
  • componentsComponents



Made to last with the lowest environmental impact

Steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems.

It is much lighter than cast iron, easier to handle than aluminium.

Offering minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which can move and crack causing leaks).

Low maintenance

The only maintenance required is an annual wipe or wash down ensuring a long service life.

Vandal resistant

Highly resistant to attack from vandals –new Vandal proof products can be used to further reinforce the bottom 2m of pipes.

Material and colour choice

Available in a choice of 11 standard coloured high-build polyester coatings which are UV stable.

15-year warranty

Products are covered by a 15 year warranty.

Choice of 5 gutter sizes

Available in a choice of 5 sizes to suit different roof sizes and prevailing local rainfall patterns.

Quick and easy to install

Smart design solutions save installation time for professionals and make DIY easy.

Pipes simply push together, snap mounting outlets, self-sealing stop ends.

Clicklock gutter joints and pipe brackets are just some of the unique product features.

Stylish design for a variety of buildings

Designed for large or small, classicor contemporary.

Cost-effective solution

Competitively priced against leading plastic systems and inexpensive compared with aluminium and cast iron.

Minimum environmental impact

Tests have proven that Rainline steel systems reflect the lowest lifespan impact, by minimising the use of raw materials,components, energy, packaging and transport.