• Carbon
  • Natural
  • Preaged

ZM Silesia Zinc

ZM Silesia zinc is produced according to EN988 in the following three finishes;

Bright Rolled - Initial bright surface that quickly forms a light grey patina, 
under atmospheric conditions.

Pre-aged - Mat light grey patina surface, chemically created to represent 
weathered zinc.

Carbon - Mat dark grey patina surface, chemically created to represent dark 
weathered zinc.

ZM Silesia Zinc is produced from the highest purity zinc SHG 99.995% with additions of copper and titanium.
It is durable for over 80 years, corrosion resistant, does not require maintenance, may be easily formed & jointed, excellent for soldering, light & non-flammable and 100% recyclable.

To back this up ZM Silesia Zinc has a standard 30 year warranty.