• 1brownP.10 P10-Brown
  • 2anthraciteP.10P10-Anthracite
  • 4brickredP.10 P.10 Brick Red
  • 5oxideredP.10P.10 Oxide Red


  • 6mossgreenP.10 P.10 Moss Green
  • 7lightgreyP.10P.10 Light Grey
  • 8zincgrey Zinc Grey
  • 10whiteP.10P.10 White


  • 11nutbrownP.10 P.10 Nut Brown
  • 12metalicsilverMetallic Silver Rib
  • 12metalic silver flat Metallic Silver Flat
  • 13naturalNatural


  • 20smokesilver Smoke Silver
  • 21rubyredRuby Red Rib
  • 23blackgrey Black Grey
  • 25ivoryIvory


  • 26darkwood Dark Wood
  • 40lightwoodLight Wood
  • 41rustbrownP.10 Rust Brown
  • 42sandbrownP.10P.10 Sand Brown


  • 43stonegreyP.10 P.10 Stone Grey
  • 45bronzeBronze
  • 46copper patina Copper Patina
  • 47patinagreyPatina Grey



Thanks to its malleability, Prefalz® is more pliable than most comparable folding materials.

Planners can use it in many creative ways on roof and façade areas.

All the advantages of Prefalz®:

Comprehensive system accessories
Versatile use – from arched roofs to complex roof extensions, domes or large-scale roofs
Colour chart with 16 standard colours
Available with smooth or stucco surface
Low weight sheet strip: 1.89 kg/m²: approx. 2.3 kg/m² roof surface with Prefalz® 500, approx. 2.2 kg/m² roof surface with Prefalz® 650
Long service life – non-corrosive!
Fully recyclable
Also available with protective film on request (smooth surface only)
Easy to work with even in low outdoor temperatures
Easy to work with, strong load-bearing capacity
Alloy, mechanical properties and coating are coordinated with the folding technology
no heavy metal erosion
Prefalz® is non-combustible (A1)