Insulated Panels

Various profiles available for roof & walls, contact us with your requirements.

Insulated Roof & Wall Panels
  • Insulated Tile Effect Roof Panel

    Insulated Tile Effect

    Roof Panel
  • 1150 Mineral Wool Wall

    1150 Mineral Wool

    Wall Panel
  • 1000 Mineral Wool Wall

    1000 Mineral Wool

    Wall Panel
  • Wall 1050

    Wall 1050

    Wall Panel
  • Wall 1000

    Wall 1000

    Wall Panel
  • Sinusoidal Roof Panel


    Roof Panel
  • Eco Roof Panel

    Eco Panel

    Roof Panel
  • J1000 Roof

    J1000 Roof

    Roof & Wall Panel
  • MW1000


    Roof & Wall Panel
  • HPS200 Albatross

    HPS200 Albatross

  • HPS200 Anthracite

    HPS200 Anthracite

  • HPS200 Anthracite Matt

    HPS200 Anthracite Matt

  • HPS200 Black

    HPS200 Black

  • HPS200 Burano

    HPS200 Burano

  • HPS200 Goosewing Grey

    HPS200 Goosewing Grey

  • HPS200 Hamlet

    HPS200 Hamlet

  • HPS200 Heritage Green

    HPS200 Heritage Green

  • HPS200 Juniper Green

    HPS200 Juniper Green

  • HPS200 Merlin Grey

    HPS200 Merlin Grey

  • HPS200 Mushroom

    HPS200 Mushroom

  • HPS200 Ocean Blue

    HPS200 Ocean Blue

  • HPS200 Olive Green

    HPS200 Olive Green

  • HPS200 Sargasso

    HPS200 Sargasso

  • HPS200 Terracotta

    HPS200 Terracotta

  • HPS200 Van Dyke Brown

    HPS200 Van Dyke Brown

  • HPS200 White

    HPS200 White

  • C200 Albatross

    C200 Albatross

  • C200 Black

    C200 Black

  • C200 Goosewing Grey

    C200 Goosewing Grey

  • C200 Juniper Green

    C200 Juniper Green

  • C200 Merlin Grey

    C200 Merlin Grey

  • C200 Ocean Blue

    C200 Ocean Blue

  • C200 Olive Green

    C200 Olive Green

  • C200 Van Dyke Brown

    C200 Van Dyke Brown

  • C200 White

    C200 White

  • C200 Moorland Green

    C200 Moorland Green

  • C200 Slate Blue

    C200 Slate Blue

Insulated Composite Panels

Insulated roof and wall panels in a variety of profiles and insulation thicknesses.
Panels are normally fixed into timber or steel roof or wall purlins and rails.

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  • Full System: Insulation composite panels are suitable for both roof and wall applications.
    Can be supplied with various flashings to make up a complete roof or wall or panel system.
  • Available Metals: As always, Merlin Metals endeavour to offer a range of metal finishes.
    For Insulated Panels this normally includes options in the HPS 200 Ultra finishes or C200 ( leather grain finish).
    We aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Merlin Metals do not process any order payments through this website.
All payments are processed securely via bank transfer.

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