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Merlin Metals operate a number of websites to further promote our online based business and the products we sell.

If any of the products we promote are of interest, drop us an email & let us know what you need or for more information.
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Example Projects
Jason Tasker

Merlin Metals - J Tasker

My name is Jason, I created Merlin Metals as an evolving long term platform to explore ideas. From which to work promoting various products that can be supplied to our customers.

By teaming up with a leading UK manufacturer and other suppliers of quality materials Merlin Metals offer an extensive range of metals and products that can be fabricated from them.


Merlin Metals is a UK based business
Seeking to evolve what we do & how we do it!

Merlin Metals

The beginning

The original name of the business was Metalwrap Limited which started with ideas of supplying custom vinyl wraps for buildings along with various metal roof and wall panels.

Less than a year later whilst distracted and still busy developing ideas. Another Company came along and registered metalwrap as their trademark. Forcing a rethink of our business name and encouraging some quick creative thinking to produce an alternative.

Less than 24 hours later Merlin Metals Limited was created & since then we registered Merlin Metals as our own Company trademark. Merlin Metals Logo

Setting Things Up

Metal Coils

Years past with little progress, this being largely due to an abundance of creative thinking. Something of an excess of ideas yet making a choice about which direction and ideas to pursue was not easy.

Eventually while still unable to decide on everything steps we're taken towards being more productive by selecting a manufacturer to work with that had the experience, expertise, quality products and potential for growth.

A Company that we could envision and sense the potential for building our business with. From there then set about promoting a number of products to see where that would lead over time.

Progress was initially slow and so to improve our chances for success. We set about creating a system that would provide Merlin Metals the ability to provide quotations relatively quickly. This made things so much better in some ways and gave us a chance to continue developing our small business within an industry of giants.

Our Development


The business continued to develop mostly by creating and recreating a number of websites in an attempt to create a platform from which to showcase various products.

Over time we improved the quality of our websites and this had a marked effect on the amount of enquires Merlin Metals receives.

As of 2022 our latest company website merlinmetals.com seeks to address a number of shortcomings previous versions had. In particular there is now an online support centre to provide answers. This new section will develop over time to include more information that our customers may need or find useful.

Roadmap Reflections

Recent global events have thrown a spanner in the works for many industries. Supply chain issues have been a factor for many including us and our suppliers.

Compared to some companies, we have been quite lucky, still being able to supply most of our customers needs. With more stock due in the coming months we are looking forward to more readily available items.

Some of our interests are on temporary hold as we pause to reflect and view the direction things are heading and which direction we should take the business. For the moment our main focus is on the supply of roof and wall panels along with rainwater goods.

Our interests in supplying an alternative insulation material under our brand name Mycelipan® was always a long term project and for the time being is currently on hold. As is Mycelihaus®, our sustainable solution for new homes which have a focus on improving the quality of life for occupants by enhancing connections with nature and ones own biology.

Present Day

When creating Merlin Metals it was always intended to be an evolving endeavour.
We have various ideas that we are working towards. Some ideas we may let go of in time for more favourable prospects, whilst we may refine some ideas for years to come.

In any case, we have been around a while now and will likely be around for some time. Having set up a business which has a lot of potential to change directions if encouraged by new information and product opportunities.

So regardless of recent and ongoing global events, we are ever the optimist regarding the future. Whatever direction we choose to explore, should Merlin Metals Limited offer something you require, we are looking forward to being of assistance.