Copper Shielding

Against EMI & RFI Frequencies

The copper wire mesh we supply is suitable for creating a faraday cage.
To shield items and humans from EMI & RFI frequencies.

For the moment we just supply copper mesh by the metre with a width of 1220mm
We are exploring creating new products with this material to offer in the future.
That focus on human health by assisting the limitation of EMI & RFI exposure.

Product Specifications

  • Width:
  • Length:
    Up to 30.5 metres
  • Weave Type:
  • Mesh Count Per 25.4mm: Warp 100.00 _ Weft 100.00
  • Aperture Size:
    Warp 198 micron _ Weft 198 micron
  • Aperture Tolerance:
    +/- 4%
  • Wire Diameter:
    Warp 0.056mm _ Weft 0.056mm
  • Wire Tolerance:
    According to ISO 4782
  • Open Area:
  • Nominal Weight:
  • Wire Specification:
  • Finish:
    Bright Drawn