Merlin Metals


If you are seeking a supplier for a range of quality metal building materials.

You might like to know, Merlin Metals source products from leading manufacturers.

Offer metals & finishes in various roof & wall panel profiles, to suit design requirements.

Deliver to site locations, throughout the UK.

We also supply custom printed self-adhesive vinyl wall coverings.
The image you want to use produced to virtually any size you require.

Our wall art is primarily offered as an internal design feature for full walls or entire rooms.
It may be installed externally on to flat surfaces for example insulated wall panels to the front or side of a business.
Ideal as photographic wall murals, promotional materials & company branding.

When products or similar products to those that are available at, are required for your next project.
Let us know what you need when you need it & what your current or previous suppliers best price is.

You do not need to send your best price to receive a quotation, although when you choose to.
We will happily attempt to produce a better quotation for your consideration.





Metals & finishes to suit your project requirements.










Product Range


A selection of metals transformed into a range of products.

Expertly manufactured to meet your requirements.

Standing Seam Panels - Snaplock Panels - Flat Wall Panels - Soffit Panels - Single Skin Sheeting - Insulated Composite Panels - Rainwater Goods - Flashings -  Capping - Structural Decking





Payment Terms

Merlin Metals is a small bootstrap business.
As such we have no intention of finding ourselves in debt via way of customers, that for whatever reason.
Choose not to pay their invoices & so to aid in eliminating that risk for the business.
We currently offer our products on a proforma basis.

We recognise this may be problematic for some of our customers.
If you do require payment terms other than proforma payments, let us know.

In such cases, we may refer your order directly to our supply partners.
When they are able to provide the alternative payment terms you require.



Our primary focus is to supply quality materials.
Aside from a few exceptions, we do not offer installation services directly for the products we supply.

However, some of our connections do and may be available to carry out the works for you if required.
If we locate an available installer, we will connect you with them directly.
So you can agree on a price with them for the works.



Our approach to pricing is flexible & while providing quotations is a part of the business.
We are less and less interested in handing them out in some blind bid to compete with other larger more established businesses.

Instead, we much prefer having a clear target to beat & so will always work better under such circumstances.
Where knowing the price you are not completely satisfied with, helps to fast track our efforts in finding better value for you.

We do not offer any price beating guarantees.
Our pricing is determined by a number of factors.

Such as the range of products ordered & where we source those products.
Overall ordering capacity of Merlin Metals during any given month.
Plus any potential for future orders will reflect on the available discount that we can apply.

Merlin Metals may still be a small developing business.
That said, it does not necessarily mean we cannot offer better value.
Should we be presented with the challenge of finding it.






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