Merlin Metals

Suppliers of Standing Seam Panels, Flashings & Matching Gutters. Reveal Wall/Soffit Panels & Wall Capping.

Various metals & finishes are available.

We highly Recommend

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

With its Bio-Based Coating Technology & 50 Year Guarantee
Snap Together Seam

Snap Together Seam

STS Panels® are an alternative to traditional standing seam panels.

Time saving when installing due to the seam design which snaps together, rather than being mechanically formed on site.

STS Panels® primarily available in Greencoat PLX Pural BT but also Coated Aluminium, Aurubis Copper & Roofinox Stainless Steel.

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TSS Panels

Traditional Standing Seam

TSS Panels® are traditional standing seam panels.

25mm seam height, cover widths up to 530mm.
Custom cover widths are possible.

Available finishes are the same as STS Panels® but with the additional options of Nedzink, ZM Silesia & Zintek Coloured Zinc.

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Reveal Panels

Reveal Wall & Soffit Panels

Reveal panels have a cover width of approx 306mm including a shadow gap 0-20mm
Panels slot together in a tongue and groove manner and are available in 3 stocked Greencoat PLX Pural BT finishes
Mountain Grey, Metallic Dark Silver & Nordic Night Black.

Also available in coated aluminium, NedZink, ZM Silesia & Aurubis Copper.

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Metal Gutters

Metal Gutter System

We supply GreenLine® gutters in,
Mountain Grey, Metallic Dark Silver & Nordic Night Black.
Along with all components to make up the full system.

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Wall capping

Wall Capping

Durable wall capping in Greencoat PLX Pural BT
Double vulcanised joining strip, liner flashings and structured underlay, internal & external corners, end caps.

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Steel Kit Buildings

Steel Kit Buildings

Custom steel kit buildings can be supplied as frame only in either hot or as cold rolled steel structures.

Or complete with all roofing and cladding materials as well as a suitable gutter system if required.

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Metal Brands & Finishes
50 Metal Finishes

Merlin Metals Limited promote the following brands of metals. Together they combine into an extensive choice of metal finishes to choose from. Something suitable for any project & location.

*Subject to available stock levels

  • Greencoat
  • TT Aluminium
  • Roofinox Stainless Steel
  • Aurubis Copper
  • Zintek Coloured Zinc
  • ZM Silesia Zinc
  • Nedzink


Select and confirm which metal is correct and suitable for your project.

Whilst we do our best to show the metal finishes clearly via this website, images are only a guide.