Merlin Metals

Suppliers of roof & wall panels.
Metal buildings & associated materials.

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Snap Together Seam

Snap together standing seam profile for roof and walls.

Traditional Standing Seam

Traditional standing seam profile for roof and walls.

Reveal Panels

Interlocking wall and soffit panels.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles ( Square & Diamond Shapes )

Metal Gutter System

GreenlineĀ® half round metal gutter system.

Metal Wall Capping

Metal wall capping system.

UK Metal Buildings

Steel Building Frame Examples

Steel Kit Buildings

Steel Kit Buildings.

Sheeting Cladding

Profiled sheeting for roof and walls.

Insulated Panels

Insulated roof & wall panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my order take to arrive?

Lead times for our products vary, for profiled sheeting normally 10 days, fabricated items from copper, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel or coated steel 2-3 weeks, insulated roof & wall panels 2-4 weeks. Buildings take 4 weeks + to arrive, other products are available sooner if stocked.

Please Note:
Currently lead times are longer than normal, Lead times are confirmed on the day of ordering.

How much is the delivery charge for panels?

Delivery costs vary depending on the size of the order & its location. The cost is confirmed once the delivery address is provided and when the order details have been fully established.

Are quotations provided for free?

Quotations are often free of charge, in some circumstances we may charge a fee to produce a price if requirements are not clearly presented. For Example: If we have to estimate quantities based off architects drawings instead of a clear & specific schedule of items.

I'm not sure what I need to order, can you help?

We aim to help as much as possible however Merlin Metals are not responsible for order accuracy. We cannot specify exact quantities and materials for projects that we have limited involvement with or direct site access. Ideally order details should be checked by the person installing to ensure the order is correct before making payment.

Do you provide technical help?

We do not have a dedicated technical department however, we will try to answer any questions you may have or find answers for you if we don't know ourselves.

Do you offer installation services?

Merlin Metals are suppliers and currently do not provide installation services.

Do you offer installation training?

We provide some installation guidance via the pdf brochures we publish. If you require training in hard metal roofing, we can refer you on to a training provider.

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Merlin Metals

We are suppliers of standing seam roof and wall panels.
Along with other building products and materials.

Our products are mostly custom made to order and created by leading UK manufacturers for delivery direct to our customers.

We operate a number of websites to further promote our online based business and the products we sell.

If any of the products we promote are of interest, drop us an email & let us know what you need or for more information give us a ring Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm

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